Geotube® Dewatering containers are an effective dewatering technology fabricated from a specially engineered textile which provides confinement of the fine solids inside the container, while allowing water to permeate through the engineered textile. As the water drains, the solids continue to densify and consolidate over time. Once the solids are fully consolidated or have met minimum requirements for transport, several options are available for disposal of the dewatered material.

Geotube® dewatering containers are prefabricated using high strength and quality seaming techniques into tubular, bag-like, or other forms with filling ports or other provisions for site filling. The containers are custom sized to save land space and are ideal for areas where space is a constraint. Geotube® dewatering containers are designed to optimize the solids retention and effluent discharge rate and quality making it a highly efficient and environmental friendly solution for various sludge dewatering applications.



    L’assèchement consiste à utiliser une technologie de rétention Geotube® afin d’éliminer l’eau des matières solides et semi-solides, la terre notamment.


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