TenCate MirafiTenCate Mirafi®

In the late 1960s, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) developed PRF (Pavement Reinforcement Fabric)-140 and began marketing the product in North America.  ICI partnered with Celanese Fibers Marketing Company (CFMC) for the promotion and distribution of PRF-140.  In 1973, unhappy with the product name, CFMC developed the brand name Mirafi – the miracle from Fiber Industries.  Mirafi, Inc. became known as the company that started an industry and led the development of geosynthetics in North America.

Today, Mirafi® geosynthetics represent an entire family of woven, non-woven, and specialty products used in civil and environmental engineering applications. 

TenCate MiragridTenCate Miragrid®

In the late 1980s, the demand for high performance geogrids were increasing in North America.  Mirafi, Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina, developed a polyester based, coated geogrid to meet the market demand.  First trademarked in 1992 by Mirafi, Inc., Miragrid becomes the leading polyester grid specifically targeted for reinforced soil structures in North America.

Today, TenCate Miragrid® geogrids are used around the world for infrastructure and soil reinforcement applications.

TenCate GeotubeTenCate Geotube®

In 1953, a catastrophic flood destroyed the coast of Holland, leaving nearly 2,000 dead.  After this catastrophe, TenCate accepted the challenge posed by the Dutch authorities to develop a technical textile for use in marine structures. TenCate’s endeavors were the start of an industry: marine and hydraulic structures and dewatering and containment using specially engineered geotextiles and industrial fabrics.  First trademarked in 1994 by Nicolon B.V in The Netherlands, Geotube became the leading brand for engineered containment systems utilizing geosynthetics.

Today, TenCate Geotube® covers the globe with engineered containment systems designed for hydraulic and marine applications, and dewatering applications.

TenCate NicolonTenCate Nicolon®

In 1956 a representative of the Dutch AKU (Arnhemse Kunststoffen Unie, today part of Akzo) approached Nico ter Kuile about development of technical textiles for marine structures. Discussions between AKU, the Deltadienst and Ter Kuile led to a contract of several thousands of nylon sand bags to close the Pluimpot, The Netherlands in October 1957. In 1964, the brand name Nicolon was invented and today’s company was registered in September 1968 as Nicolon B.V.

Today, Nicolon® Industrial Fabrics is the leading brand for woven and/or coated industrial textile fabrics.

TenCate BidimTenCate Bidim®

TenCate Bidim is registered since more than 50 years. TenCate Bidim offers Made In France solutions. The 1st TenCate Biidm non woven was installed in 1969 in Caen to act as separation, filtration & drainage.  The Bezons (France - 95) plant since that time manufactures TenCate Bidim non woven solutions while respecting high quality level. 

TenCate PolyfeltTenCate Polyfelt®

TenCate Polyfelt® is a registered trademark since more than 30 years.  It encompasses a wide range of solutions of non wovens. TenCate Polyfelt® brand implies qualitative products in line with the local and European standards. The wide portfolio allows a specific answer to each kind of project requirement.

TenCate PermatronTenCate Permatron®

In 1979, Nicolon B.V. entered into a joint venture with Bay Mills Ltd. of Canada to construct a weaving facility in the United States.  In 1980, the manufacturing plant, Baycor, was opened in in Cornelia, Georgia.  At this time, Baycor was focusing on the production of fiberglass screening, solar screen, and tennis windscreen.  In 1981, Baycor entered the production of polypropylene trampoline mats and developed the brand name Permatron.

Today, TenCate Permatron® trampoline fabric is the number one choice for trampoline mat fabric around the world based on quality, performance, durability and value.

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