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The Difference Mirafi ® MSCAPE Geosynthetic Makes:

  • Inhibits existing weed growth while suppressing new weed growth.
  • Permits passage of air and liquids, including fertilizers.
  • Prevents “souring” of soil beds associated with impermeable plastic sheets.
  • Remains in place and will not rot, mildew, become brittle or biologically decompose.
  • Resists UV rays and extreme temperatures.
  • Resists acids, alkalines, common herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers.
  • Resists tearing and puncture, but can easily be cut to fit any shape using common household scissors for installation.
  • High friction surface controls migration of common mulches.
  • Provides excellent water permeability.

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Mirafi® MSCAPE Product Description Sheet

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Mirafi® MSCAPE Technical Data Sheets

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