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Mirafi® MPV paving fabric gives pavement a waterproof barrier to protect subgrade soils from surface water and a stress-relieving interface to retard reflective cracking and improve fatigue resistance.

The Difference Mirafi® MPV Paving Fabric Makes: 

  • Penetration:  Prevents penetration of surface water into the subgrade. 
  • Stress Relief:  Contains a stress-relieving interface that retards reflective cracking. 
  • Fatigue Resistance:  Improves fatigue resistance of new overlays. 
  • Weight:  Comes in different weights for varying degrees of maintenance needs. 
  • Tack Coat:  Well suited for different grades of tack coat, including polymer-modified tack coats. 
  • Weather:  Can be used in a wide range of climates. 

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Mirafi® MPV Product Description Sheet

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Mirafi® MPV Technical Data Sheets

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Pavement Overlay, Lanham, MD

United States, Maryland, Lanham

The existing asphalt pavement in The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) parking lot was experiencing considerable alligator cracking and was scheduled to be re-paved.

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