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Subgrade Stabilization

Mirafi® RS580i

Base Reinforcement Road Cross Section
Mirafi® RS580i 
Subgrade Stabilization Road Cross Section 
Mirafi® BXG & HP 
Roadway Cross Section 
Mirafi® HP-Series 
Footing Over Soft Subgrade Cross Section 
Mirafi® HP-Series 
Roadway Cross Section 

Site Drainage

Mirafi® G100N & FW402 
Vertical Application Detail 
Mirafi® G200N & 140N 
Chimney Drain Fill Detail 
Mirafi® FW & N-Series 
Trench Drain Detail 

Steepened slopes

Mirafi® PET & Miragrid® XT
Slope Construction Sequence 
Miramesh® GR 
Construction Sequence no Basket Slope

Welded Wire Mesh (WWM) Facing 

Miramesh® GR Facing

Miramesh® TR Facing

Miramesh® SG Facing

Miramesh® FR Facing

Outside Corner Detail 
Rock Facing Detail   
1H:1V Miramesh® Facing 
Standard Design Detail for WWM MSE Walls 
Mirafi® PET & Miragrid® XT - Fabric Wrapped Wall Face Construction Sequence 
Miramesh® GR & Miragrid® XT  - Vegetated Face Wall with Wire Basket Construction Sequence 
Mirafi® PET & Miragrid® XT - Wire Basket Wall Construction Sequence 

Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS) 

1H:1V RSS Slope Detail 
1.5H:1V RSS Slope Detail 
2H:1V RSS Slope Detail 
Construction Sequence with Mirafi® 140N Facing 

Site Erosion 

Mirafi® FW-Series 
Permanent Erosion Control:  Channel Lining 
Mirafi® N-Series 
Permanent Erosion Control:  Channel Lining 
Mirafi® RS580i 
Drainage Channels 

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