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The Difference Miragrid® Geogrids Make:

  • High long-term design strengths (LTDS): Miragrid® geogrids have more than 220,000 hours of tension creep testing performed at an independent test laboratory.
  • Credible: Dependable long term strength assured. 
  • Cost effective: Creep resistant polyester fibers provide higher allowable tensile strength, minimizing the required number of geogrid layers. Wide rolls significantly reducing placement time, lowering cost.
  • Light weight: Easy to handle and no sharp edges.
  • Flexible, tough: Minimizes movement of soil structure.
  • Custom fabrication: Rolls fabricated to meet your specific project requirements.
  • Strength:  Miragrid® geogrids provide the widest strength range, and are the highest strength geogrid material in the market today.

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Engineered Structures Brochure

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Miragrid® XT Product Description Sheet

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