TenCate Mirafi® geosynthetics enhance the performance and the design life of roadway and railway construction structures such as roads, railways, airfields, and earthworks.  Mirafi® geosynthetics provide significantly higher value than conventional road construction products, and their rapid, simple installation process greatly shortens construction schedules. TenCate Geosynthetics provides the most complete selection of geosynthetics, which allows them to be used in a variety of road and railway construction projects

  • Roadways

In roadways, TenCate Mirafi® geosynthetics are placed on top of soft sub-grades prior to placement of the granular sub-base layer.  The geosynthetic prevents the loss of the granular sub-base material into the soft sub-grade, maintaining the structural integrity of the pavement.  The use of TenCate Mirafi® geosynthetics thus extends the maintenance-free life of pavements constructed on soft sub-grades.

  • Railways

In railway tracks, TenCate Mirafi® geosynthetics are placed between the existing formation and the ballast layer to prevent the sub-grade from pumping into the ballast layer, thereby maintaining structural integrity.  The use of a geosynthetic significantly increases the periods between track maintenance, with considerable savings in labor and material costs.

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