TenCate develops and produces materials that deliver increased performance, reduce costs and measurable results to provide advanced solutions utilizing patent pending Mirafi® geosynthetics that make a difference. The Difference Mirafi® CR Woven Integrated* Geosynthetics Make: 

  • Efficiency:   Engineered seams allow for efficient installation of large geotextile panels with extremely high seam strengths to create a stable capping system.
  • Safety:   Quickly and safely facilitates the complete closure of storage basins and ponds. 
  • Porous:   Allows water to pass through to relieve pore pressure.
  • Separation:   Contains fine-grained sludge material, and separates sludge from clean fill above.

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CCR Solutions

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High-Performance Geosynthetics for Ash (CCR) Pond Capping

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Pond Capping, Midwest, U.S.A

United States

A large United States electric utility initiated the closure of a CCR surface impoundment in 2015.

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