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Mirafi® MTK paving fabric adds durability and extends the life cycle of a pavement system by reducing water percolation and moisture penetration throughout the pavement system into the sub-base. They also provide excellent stressrelief (reflective crack reduction) for moderate to severe pavement cracks and joints.

The Difference Mirafi® MTK Paving Fabric Makes: 

  • Moisture Intrusion:  Prevents surface moisture intrusion. 
  • Cost Efficient:  Easy and inexpensive to install. 
  • Structural Decay:  Reduces structural decay of pavement. 
  • Traffic Disruption:  Reduces traffic disruption. 
  • Surface:  Sticks readily to concrete, asphalt or wood decks. 
  • Installation:  Can be installed in a wide range of temperatures. 
  • Reflective Cracking:  Minimizes reflective cracking by bridging transverse and longitudinal cracks. Minimizes reflective cracking between dissimilar surfaces. Stretches to span cracks without breaking.

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Mirafi® MTK Product Description Sheet

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Mirafi® MTK Technical Datasheet

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