Miramesh® biaxial geosynthetics provide surface erosion protection and secondary reinforcement in MSE structures.

  • Miramesh® GR

Miramesh® GR is a green mesh facing to provide an instant green face prior to vegetation growth. It is UV coated to provide 75 to 100-year design life for permanent MSE wall face and slope face.

  • Miramesh® SG

Miramesh® SG has a synthetic grass face, combining Miramesh® GR biaxial geosynthetic with synthetic grass green fibers to produce a finished grass face without the need for vegetation. The synthetic grass fibers provide an extra layer of UV protection, increasing the long term exposed design life. Miramesh® SG provides an immediate finished vegetated face eliminating the need for topsoil, grass seed, plantings, irrigation and maintenance.

  • Miramesh® FR

Miramesh® FR is a fire resistant biaxial mesh facing to protect the MSE structure from damage in case of exposure to flames such as wildfires. The fire protection coating meets NFPA – 701 and California State Fire Marshall fire resistant ratings.


Function Erosion Control, Reinforcement
Market Local Government Infrastructure, Transportation Infrastructure, Building Site Infrastructure, Environmental Infrastructure, Water Infrastructure
Solution Road and Railway Stabilization, Erosion Control
Product Type Geogrids
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